WhiteSpace accepting People's Choice Award @ CBC Glenn Gould Studio - Govfest Grand Finale 2014!

WhiteSpace accepting People's Choice Award @ CBC Glenn Gould Studio - Govfest Grand Finale 2014!


Five guys decided to throw their fears to the wind and not worry that their friends thought they were going through a mid life crisis. They started jamming - literally in a garage. They quickly realized they wanted to move beyond the garage. 

The band name was decided at a Matt Anderson concert. A random word on the program was chosen and a blank white space was there. Thus, WhiteSpace was born.

Wikipedia describes Whitespace as “space where rules are vague, authority is fuzzy, budgets are nonexistent and strategy is unclear.” Yup, that pretty much describes us.

WhiteSpace believes it’s never to late to pursue your dream of being in a Rock and Roll Band.


WhiteSpace has played in venues that accommodate up to 400 dancing fans such as the Hard Rock Cafe, Velvet Underground, Cat's Caboose, QueensHead Pub, Corktown Pub, Gator Teds, The Moonshine Cafe, CBC Glenn Gould Studios, Henley Island, Toronto Cricket Club, Mississauga Tennis Club and the Oakville Yacht Club.

Sample Sets

Ain’t No Sunshine - Wicked Game -Thinking Out Loud - Creep - Fragile Bird - I Want to be Sedated - Gold on the Ceiling - Chasing Cars - Simple Man - Little Bones - Purple Rain

Mini Acoustic Set
Washington Square - Hallelujah

The Breakup Song - Blister in the Sun - Folsom Prison Blues - What I Like About You - Bad Things - Just What I Needed - Losing My Religion - Should I Stay or - Should I Go - Sharp Dressed Man - Blow at High Dough

All The Things That I've Done - Use Somebody - White Wedding - Lonely Boy - Renegades - Budapest - Come Together - Radioactive - Rockin’ in the Free World - Kryptonite - Radioactive - New Orleans is Sinking

WhiteSpace - WhiteSpace Demos

WhiteSpace - WhiteSpace Demos

Dancers at the Toronto's Hard Rock Cafe!

Dancers at the Toronto's Hard Rock Cafe!

Random Gossip

"What a great night! We are definitely getting those f**kers back!"

"Jeff and White Space .. you guys rocked it last night!  Your band was on, you hit the notes and played the music to make many of us all feel 25 again.  Carrie keeps talking about how great it was we got the kids out there on the dance floor with the adults.  The reality is kids won’t lie .. you need a great band with a great music selection to make that happen.  Thanks Jeff and the rest of White Space!

"Wow, WhiteSpace has the best setlist I have heard in a long time...."

"Ever time WhiteSpace plays, Suzy is up there singing and dancing on the tables like she was 25 again...."

"They had the whole crowd dancing for the entire set! Amazing!"


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